Hip-Hop is back. Thank you 2009.

I haven’t posted an new entry in months, I believe it’s due time. I never posted an entry just about music and since I live, breathe, and excrete music, I think it’s about time. Nothing serious, just my thoughts.

When Nas dropped his “Hip Hop is Dead” album late 2006, I couldn’t agree any more with the title. Hip Hop has been in a comatose state for a moment. Every time I would turn on the radio I would hear the same generic sound that most Hip Hop songs have, and whenever I would turn on the TV I see a generic dance that goes along. I would ask myself, is this what Hip-Hop has come to? Everyone sounding the same. But the year 2009 has been a great year for Hip-Hop, there are many lyrical and original freshman (an artist who has a buzz and has an album set for release soon) to the game. My favorite freshmen are Wale, Big Sean, Kid Cudi, J. Cole and Drake. All these artist have great mixtapes out right now that are better than many rappers albums. Wale is my favorite because his sound original, his lyrics are above par and his metaphors are slick. I think Wale = Hip-Hop.

A freshman that I think gets too much attention is Drake. He is undoubtedly a great lyricist, but he doesn’t have swag and he cannot sing despite numerous attempts. Sure he has put out a great mix tape, but what about Big Seans mixtape “UKNOWBIGSEAN.” I found “UKNOWBIGSEAN to be better than every mix tape Drake has released. I think Drake is riding off of a couple hit songs and the little power Young Money Ent. has… (Please do not compare Young Money Ent. to the early 2000 Roc-A-Fella, they are nowhere near). I think that he still has some growing to do, but I am still looking forward to his album. [No Hate]

Newly released artists are also putting out quality albums. Some of my favorite albums of 2009 are: Ryan Leslie – Ryan Leslie, Keri Hilson – In a Perfect World, Chrisette Michele – Epiphany, all debut albums. I am glad that I can actually listen to new quality music. I’m upset that the generic Hip Hop songs get more attention from the media than original ones, but that’s the business.

**I’m also waiting on The Blue Print 3, which I believe will be the best album of the year (just a prediction).**

To end this entry here are the mix tapes I discussed. Enjoy and thank you 2009 for being so kind to Hip Hop and my eardrums.


Favorite Song – Good Girls

Favorite Song – Desire, Want & Needs

Favorite Song – Sky Might Fall

Favorite Song – I Get Up

Favorite Song – Uptown


About Edmund Adjapong

Edmund Adjapong, a native of the Bronx, NY, is a student at Teachers College, Columbia University. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Science Education and received a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry with a minor in Africana Studies from The State University of New York at Plattsburgh. Edmund believes every student learns differently. He also believes that engaging young men with media–despite its unconventional method–is an effective way to educate. Edmund enjoys working with and mentoring youth, especially young men of color, as they are our future. He fell in love with Hip-Hop after memorizing Puff Daddy's song "All about the Benjamins," in the third grade. Following the completion of his masters degree, Edmund plans on teaching science in a New York City public school and pursuing his Doctorate of Philosophy in Science Education. His ultimate goal is to become a science educator and researcher. This blog is a reflection of Edmund’s thoughts during his journey toward a terminal degree. For more information about Edmund Adjapong please feel free to contact him at: E.adjapong@gmail.com
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2 Responses to Hip-Hop is back. Thank you 2009.

  1. Edmund your fuckin brilliant lol… as soon as I saw this link up on Twitter I had to click it. Your so right Hip-Hop hasn't been the same and its sad to say that I'd rather listen to old school Hip-Hop than the new shit because artists today aren't putting out good music. I totally agree with Drake.. he's way too popular and it's annoying. I liked him better when he was an underground artist and not a lot of people knew of him.. made me appreciate his music even more. I love Kid Cudi & Big Sean and I agree w. Wale, although I like Cudi more. Great post =)

  2. MsJames says:

    AGREED! Wale, Kid Cudi && Drake are on my list too..They make me enjoy hip hop all over again.But why isn't Loso's Way up on that list.

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