Dear Summer

Dear Summer [2011],

            I know you’re not done blessing me with your beautiful weather and I’m sure you still have many memories in store for me, but I thought that this would be a good time for me to show how much I appreciate you. Although, you officially came into my life on June 21st, I believe that we met as soon as the spring semester ended. Since then you have been great to me. I moved into my first apartment with my bros and experienced nothing but good times, laughs, real talk, and hunger. When I look back at those four weeks spent at Renaissance Village I laugh at everything that we’ve been through, but I also cherish every minute of it (minus the tantrums). We created something great (ReelRebelz), motivated each other and enhanced our brotherly bond. I got a chance to reflect on my life and think about the next step.

            You presented me with so many opportunities to take advantage of and I did. Continuing my research project had to be one the best decisions I’ve ever made because it gave me the chance to grow academically and be acknowledged for my time and dedication put into the project. I’ll never forget the days that you were sweltering hot and I would run to the lab trying to escape you, only to realize that I couldn’t stay there all day and I would have to face you eventually.  It wasn’t too bad because I soon learned to love you despite your sweltering heat, dry air and occasional humidity.

            Even though you’re still around for a few more weeks, I think our best days have past – summer orientation. It started in a place with no cellular reception, full of trees, cabins and a soothing fireplace where we played assassin and shared secrets. Four days at Twin Valleys with the orientation staff was one of the best experiences of my college career. If I did all over again I would pick a different location, but keep the same people. I truly enjoyed getting to know every single person that I worked with and am honored to have been part of a group of exceptional individuals. Either you do it or you don’t, right? And I did it, even though it was half assed. I got my feet wet, literally, at Rainbow Lake and submerged my entire body in a pool for a photo. Just for you Summer, I made attempt to swim, it didn’t end well, but hey I tried. After all the fun of training the freshmen arrived and added to my memories. They were so shy the 1st day, but by day two they were pounding on my door giving me music request. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to connect, meet and be a support system for so many amazing young people.

            I have so many great memories, I can’t write about every single one, but I loved creating a unique bond with my Crayola family. They knew how to keep my level and grounded. Whenever Clinton dinning hall repeated a meal or didn’t have an appetizing selection of food someone was always down to order for the high class spot, Number One. Summer, you allowed me to bring in my 21st birthday with my Crayola family and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I enjoyed that day like no other. They had me in UNO’s feeling like a superstar and we had our own party that night. I wouldn’t have wanted to celebrate my birthday any other way. During orientation the staff and students helped me explore and find a part of my personality that I never thought I had, some would call it goofy others would call it personable and outgoing. Either way I had the chance to grow immensely. Orientation allowed me to find hope and learn to be optimistic about all situations. A win – win for me.

Summer, you’ve been great to me. I wouldn’t have asked for any more or any less. I believe that everything happens for a reason and all the occurrences during our time together have overall lead me to become a better and stronger person. Thanks for an amazing time, but like all good things we must come to an end, please show the same love to my friends.

                                                                                                Edmund S. Adjapong

Writing to: Dear Summer – Jay –Z

About Edmund Adjapong

Edmund Adjapong, a native of the Bronx, NY, is a student at Teachers College, Columbia University. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Science Education and received a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry with a minor in Africana Studies from The State University of New York at Plattsburgh. Edmund believes every student learns differently. He also believes that engaging young men with media–despite its unconventional method–is an effective way to educate. Edmund enjoys working with and mentoring youth, especially young men of color, as they are our future. He fell in love with Hip-Hop after memorizing Puff Daddy's song "All about the Benjamins," in the third grade. Following the completion of his masters degree, Edmund plans on teaching science in a New York City public school and pursuing his Doctorate of Philosophy in Science Education. His ultimate goal is to become a science educator and researcher. This blog is a reflection of Edmund’s thoughts during his journey toward a terminal degree. For more information about Edmund Adjapong please feel free to contact him at:
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